Social Media Marketing

Social media is such kind of platform where people connected with each other and sharing his activities, knowledge, memories, pictures, thoughts, as so on. But now a day’s its a become biggest platform for business marketing. Where they can get fast and quick popularity and sell of his product and services.

There have various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Ping, etc. where you can create content to promote your business, product, and services. By your unique content, you can boost your business.

While social media marketing, which is incredibly valuable and beneficial for your business.

Know Why Social Media is so useful for marketing

We are sharing a few tentative information about Social media which is so useful for your business.


  • Users: 2.5 billion approx
  • Industry Impact: B2C
  • Use for: Brand promotion and awareness, Advertising


  • Users: 340 billion approx
  • Industry Impact: B2B, B2C
  • Use for: Customer service, Public relation


  • Users: 1.3 Billion Approx
  • Industry Impact: B2C
  • Use for: advertising,


  • Users: 650 million approx
  • Industry Impact: B2B
  • Use for: business development, employment marketing, B2B relationships

Importance of Social Media Marketing

  • Increase Brand Awareness:- Social media is the best platform to increase your brand awareness because there have huge no fo people have active. So you have to post content about the product.
  • Generate Lead:- You can get lead for your business by social media. where you have to post information about your product and services, which is have paid and unpaid both options. if you go for unpaid there have limitations but in a paid section not have any limitation. you can target the audience according to your requirements.
  • Selling of Product & services:- Now you can sell your product & services also on the social media platform.
  • Better relationship with the customer:- Social Media is the away some platform for customer relationship. where you have to make an interesting post for them and always try to respond about comments and questions.