Pay per click

About pay per click(PPC)

The search engine is an incredible advertising platform Pay per click (PPC) is an advertising model which allows you to display ads that are relevant, what customer search for.

All kinds of digital advertising services like Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc are operated with real-time bedding where advertising inventory sold automated auction by using real-time data.

How (PPC) paid search work

When you are running pay per click ads, that ads will be spot on the search engine result page. But where it will spot, Google or any search engine will decide. because they analyzing ad details and its relevancy.

The important factor for ranking Ads

Keyword:- Keyword role is most important in the digital world. because the keyword is, the key to the lock by which you can enter anywhere, not only in digital marketing but also in noun digital marketing platforms.

Here we help you to analyze the most searching term and setup keyword according to that. for better results.

Ads:- After finalizing the keyword next step to design ads in your campaigns.

Ads are what the users will see on the search page according to his searching terms and keywords.

  • Headline
  • URL
  • Descriptions

Budgets & Bid

The budget & Bid is also an important step for making pay per click ads, whatever amount you are going to spend. And Bid is the cost that you will pay for your keyword cost for par click.


Targeting is a term where you will target your ads for the best response. Here you will get the many options like Device targeting, Location targeting, Day or time targeting, PC or Mobile targeting, City targeting, country Targeting, etc.

So here we will help you to design the best ads for your business. we always follow the Google policy.