Google Ads

Know how Google ads work, google is online advertising services that are developed by Google to help the marketer who wants to increase his business by digitally and instantly result. So when someone searches any term then Google present result according to his requirements.

Google is so smarter to identify consumers need what he or she wants to search, then show the result, which is correlated with his or her need. whereas many ads running on google but, present only results what customers want.

Type of Google ads

Google provides many kinds of Ads as per marketer requirements.

  • Search Network Ads
    • Standard (keyword Targeting text ads)
    • Mobile App Promotion Ads
    • Dynamic Search Ads
    • Call Only
  • Display Network
    • Standard (tack action on your website)
    • Mobile App Promotion
    • Dynamic Search Ads
  • Video
    • Standard (Awareness)
    • Short Video Promotion
  • Shopping
    • Product promotion & selling
  • Universal App Campaign
    • App Install (Campaign run across the search, Display, and YouTube ads network

Search Ads:- Search ads, when anyone searches something on google. And whatever list appears on google search result page is called Search Ads. which is give best result.

search ads

Google considers many factors before running ads which ads show on top of the search result page. so you will know how google ads work

Important Factor for search ads

  1. Targeting:- Targeting is an important factor in google ads. Because targeting option is to provide a refine audience for your business, where you can target any city, any country, age, Intrest, Location, etc.
  2. Search term:- Search term means, Keyword analysis by which your product or services will search.
  3. Relevancy of Ads:- Before running any ads. cross-check your ads copy that is relevant to your product or services or not.
  4. Landing Page:- That should be clear where you want to root your client. whatever activates you want by your clients.