how to add my business in google map

How to register a business on google maps

To register a business on google maps is very easy and in a few steps, you can easily learn about registration.

But before register a business you should know, about google map and its benefits.

What is Google map

Google Maps is a kind of service by which you can provide detailed information about your business, shop, Home, store, etc. which is work in the geographical conventional road map and google also show aerial or satellite views of places, street views.

Benefits of google maps

Google maps give many benefits after register on it. Because now each thinks transforms in the digital platform.

  • Reachability:- It helps increase your store, shop, business reach to many people by which you can grow your work.
  • Business Promotion:- It helps promote your product and services.
  • Reliability of customer:- It is also helpful for maintaining customer belief with you.
  • Getting referrals business:- Nowadays most of the people taking products and services after taking feedback from the existing user.
  • Feedback:- This is the most beneficial part of your product and services. because here you can know loophole or mistake.

How to add shop in google map

It is very easy to add shop in google map, Only you have to follow a few simple steps and then you can register a business on google maps.

Create a/c in google my business:- Before add shop location in google map you have to create a/c in google my business page and set up.

Address setup:- After creating a/c next step is your business or shop address setup where it is located and fill exact and proper address.

Add Business Details:- Now you have to specify about your business, product or services what ever you providing.

Verify your Business:- this is the final step and important because without verification it will not run. because google verify your location, and verification code will send on this address within 1 to 2 weeks, whenever you get code then verify it.


Now a Google map is playing the most important role for everyone who running any Business, services, shop, product,

So always take expert help for making a map of your business or shops, Because many important point need during location map creation which is helpful for increase your business. “As an agency, we will provide all digital-related services for you. where you can know.

How to register a business on google maps

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