Audit of SEO

What is SEO Audit

The SEO audit is the process of analyzing your website how well it is. the first step to creating an implementation plan that will have measurable results.

The purpose of the audit is to identify the issues which are affecting organic search performance.

  • Technical SEO issues.
  • Issues in website structure.
  • On-page SEO issues.
  • User experience issues

The audit should be easy to understand. about website loop points, which is affecting your online priorities, as like goals, or revenue, ranking.

Finally, SEO audit recommendations should be clear and actionable. There should be a clear path to completion. which helps the website ranking.

 What should be analyzed an SEO audit

The SEO audits may vary useful, each one should analyze basic technical SEO such as sitemaps, server errors, and metadata. An audit should cover off on accessibility, indexation, and optimization.

In an SEO audit, we cover the few important points to analyze different SEO elements across the following categories, so that we can give the best result for your business.

  • Technical Audit.
    • Indexation analysis of the website.
    • Redirects of link.
    • Website Page Speed.
    • Structure of URL.
    • Analysis of Robots.txt.
    • Preparation of XML Sitemap.
    • Canonical Tags.
    • Duplication of content.
    • Crawlability of page.
  • Off-page Analysis.
    • SEO analysis of Mobile.
    • International SEO analysis.
    • On-Page Audit for the website.
    • Structure of Site Content.
    • Keyword Research for the website.
    • Use of the keyword.
    • Keyword use in Meta Data Analysis (Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Heading Tags)
    • User Experience of web page loading.
    • Analysis of Images & Video.
    • Internal Linking.
    • Audit of Server Log.

So we provide all these services so that we can give the best result for your business.