Flipkart Ads

About Flipkart Ads

Flipkart Ads. Now Flipkart is also taking over the biggest platform of e-commerce, where users can buy and sell anything related to your requirements. where have the huge number of choice

Flipkart is a huge platform for though who want to start an e-commerce business for selling product with a small amount.

Flipkart is the biggest platform to sell your product online which is the mediator, where anyone can sell his product or anyone can buy the product. as per his need.

How can sell the product on Flipkart

It is very simple to sell your product on Flipkart. and can start earning quickly, where have to need the first create your seller a/c and edit your profile

Make seller a/c name which is the show on the product inventory page, and then addresses proof of your store from where Flipkart delivery boy will pick your parcel. and then your bank proof for payment settlement or last your sign. and then GST No only these think is need to become a seller on Flipkart. and then you will get pannel to make your product inventory and updates.

How can rank product on Flipkart

It is very simple to rank your product on the first page of Flipkart by which you can get more orders for your products.

Keyword Research: Keyword is very important Before making inventory because it helps to rank your product so you should research the keyword related to your product and mention it on title and description.
Content Quality: Content quality is also impact ranking so Always use unique content on title and description.
Image Quality: use a minimum of 4 to 5 images and should be the best quality image. because of its important role in selling the product.